Vivai Russo was established on the slopes of Etna in the ‘60s by the commitment and passion of its founder Vincenzo Russo.
Over the years, the business continued to grow thanks to the management of Vincenzo Russo’s son, Giuseppe, whose purpose has always been to enhance and expand the product range.
Nowadays, the company is situated on a 198-acre nursery and, since the ‘90s it has collaborated with “Sicilville”, a company dealing with the design of green spaces.
Moreover, Vivai Russo are affiliated with the Agricultural, Food Department of the University of Catania.


Our story

Situated in Randazzo, Vivai Russo was established in late ‘60s by its founder Vincenzo Russo.
Having worked very hard in the fields, he decided to buy a property where he could realize his project.
After many years of hard work, Vincenzo and his son Giuseppe decided to found Vivai Russo in Randazzo and other nurseries in Paternò, Milazzo and Syracuse.
A real “plant heritage” that has opened the doors for the national and international market.


Our team

Vivai a Randazzo
Over the years we have developed an enthusiastic and highly skilled team, who have worked with us for many years.
Agronomists, production managers, sale & procurement managers whose purpose has always been to look the varied needs of the company’s customers.

Company director: Giuseppe Russo
Sale and quality assurance manager: Benito Russo
Sales director: Rosanna Russo
Agronomist: Vincenzo Russo
Production and logistics manager: Biagio Incognito
Administrative director: Rino Gullotto